Entrance Requirements

What do you need to enter Nicaragua

Passport valid for at least six (6) months as of the date of entry into the country. Visas are not required for visitors from most of the countries in the world; only a US$ 5.00 tourist card purchased at the airport is required upon entry into Nicaragua.

The following nacionalities needs visa to enter Nicaragua:

Costa Rica República Dominicana
Cuba Colombia
Libia Jordania
Afganistán Bosnia-Herzegovina
Palestina Armenia
República Popular China Yugoslavia
Irán Pakistán
Irak Haití
Albania India
Sri Lanka Somalia
República Popular de Corea Líbano
Nepal Kenia
Vietnam Ghana
Nigeria Angola
Sierra Leona Malí
Ucrania Camerún
Liberia Rumania
Mozambique Perú
Ecuador Siria
Egipto Yemen

Additionally Needs
1. Vigent passport minimum of 6 months.
2. Round Trip ticket at the origin country.
3. Stamped visa in the passport.

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