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Mombacho Volcano

This Volcano is situated in the National Park Volcano Mombacho and has a height of about 1400 meters above sea level. (The 5th Volcano in the mountain range of Nicaragua)

Extinct a long time ago, it consist of total core vegetations, which forms a particular ecosystem, in which live about 50 species of mammals, 30 species of reptiles and amphibian and 750 different kinds of flowers.

A research center is located on the slopes of the volcano. There you can find laboratory and a small museum and the center is as well a starting point for many of the trails overlooking the crater.

At the most of the trails you can also find natural volcanic wholes, so called fumaroles, from which hot gases arise. Admire lake Cocibolca, the lagoon of Aypoyo and the city Granada from the panorama point.

Another very interesting activity can be practiced in the interior of the park: the Canopy Tour. A 600 meters ride thought tree crowns, slipping and hanging on steel ropes or walking on wooden bridges. From 16 platforms situated, 10 to 30 meters over the ground, you can take a rest or admire the animals of the rain forest and the unforgettable landscapes.
Volcán Mombacho
Volcán Mombacho
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