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Those 365 small islands are located about 3km from Granada and in the lake Cocibolca.

In this majestically archipelago with volcanic origin, the visitor enjoys exuberant flora and fauna, a unique view over the volcano Mombachi, as well as to the island Ometepe, where you will find two impressive volcanoes: el Concepción and el Maderas.

In picturesque, comfortable and secured boats, the tourists can travel to the impressive canals, which separate the islands from each other, admire a fortress of the 19th century, which is situated near the island of San Pablo, and watch a colony of monkeys, that lives on a small island and which, funnily, approach the boat when its coming close.

Many of the islands are private properties. You will see beautiful, warm summer houses which contrast to those of the indigenous families and fishers who as well live on the islands. There is also the possibility to swim, fish and practice other water sports.



Historia de Granada:
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